Men’s Issues

Men’s Issues

The three hardest words for men to say is “I need help”. It stings. And those words can be lifesavers. You can’t look up on YouTube to fix your broken emotions like doing a simple home and car repair. Moreover, we are generally taught to be self-sufficient as males. So, asking for help cannot only smack against our pride it can be dangerous as it double downs on behaviors bringing consequences such as job loss, diminished health, friend loss, difficulty with children and the list can go on.

“Raging Bull” is a movie biopic about championship boxer Jake Lamotta. In his final career fight with Sugar Ray Robinson, LaMotta is beaten to a pulp. Lamotta never falls down despite the brutal beating lasting 13 rounds. In the last round Lamotta knows he’s lost so he drops his gloves and antagonizes Robinson to do his best. At the end, a bloodied, bruised, eyes swollen shut, barely able to walk Lamotta yells to Robinson. “You never got me down Ray! You hear me? You never got me down!” Robinson looks at him with amazement at this beaten man and his empty pride. So great, Lamotta didn’t fall down. However, he just took the beating of a lifetime. And to what end?


Here’s the kicker it may be you beating yourself to a pulp. You’re the one in the ring and the only opponent is yourself. You’re fighting an internal conflict. It could be sexual, physical, emotional abuse from childhood that’s never been addressed. It gnaws and can consume you and seeps into all areas without you realizing it. You try your best to run. Inevitably, you find yourself on the ropes and there is no escape. What do you do? Ask for the towel to be thrown in the ring? Or continue the drubbing?

The logical choice is to give up the fight. What keeps you there? Is it a message you tell yourself? Is it the bruised pride to ask for help?

I can help you find the tools to mend those wounds. You can walk away from the fight. Returning to those three words, “I need help…” can be the beginning of a new life. Start today by contacting me for a free consultation.

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