What To Expect

What to expect in sessions is a laid back, non-judgmental and caring process.  I utilize analogies to illustrate concepts. I weave together what may appear to be unrelated areas into a coherent picture. I’ll dive down into the psychic muck and point towards the tools you left behind. I will search for where you’ve hidden that part of you that you really loved and show you it’s still there. And of course, we’ll talk about how the week is going too! If you’re ready to move forward then here’s the map!

Where to begin?
Call or email me and I can provide a free and confidential consultation to determine if I am a good fit for you. If I’m not then I will provide you with referrals. Feel free to ask me as many questions as needed. I’ll have my own as well! Here are some common questions from people starting out in therapy below.

Are we going to talk about my childhood?
Only to the extent as it relates to what brings you to therapy. But yeah, our personalities are formed early on in life, throw in some unexpected issues on the way and you may be viewing the world through skewed lenses and in a great deal of pain.

Do I need to talk about my feelings?
Feelings are important but not everything with me. My pat question is not, “How did that make you feel?” whilst pushing a Kleenex box towards you. I also look at your beliefs, interpretations, motivations and emotions.  All of these taken together can paint a richer picture.

Do I have to tell you everything?
It would help. But it can be difficult telling me intimate details of your life early in the process. It’s not natural. So, my job early on is to gain your trust and provide a safe space where you can be honest.

How long do I need in therapy?
It depends on different factors. In a very rough sense, some folks present with short-term issues with limited number of sessions needed. Others may stay in therapy as a means to address different needs over longer periods of time. Some end therapy but return for check-ups or fine tuning on an issue needing attention.

Do you give advice?
Not really, I’m curious about your ideas and what you see your choices to be. I can find other choices but the ones you make are yours alone. It’s not a bad thing. It means you’re able to have them.

What are your fees?
My fees average between $80 to $100 per 50 minute session. I’m currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas-PPO insurance. I can provide a super bill to submit for out of network claims.
I do offer a sliding scale to teachers and musicians.

What do you do?
I look at what brought you to therapy beyond just the “problem”. I offer you a hand up, a patient ear, mindful feedback, creative problem solving and thoughtful interpretations. I examine your issues from various angles and personalize my approach to cater to your wants and needs. I give you the space to explore your life in the deepest way possible. Through this process you’ll find your footing, you’ll forge your path and you’ll find your freedom and meaning.

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